Forced draft burner

Forced draft burners with control systems have a more complicated design. However, they can ensure that the automatic system of this process is controlled to the maximum degree. In this case air, admixed to the combustible gas, is taken from the outside, and is supplied into the combustion chamber exclusively through a special air blower.

Air blower speed can be controlled depending on the value of pressure in the system. Exhaust gases are also reliably discharged from the area.

Air or gas supply can be adjusted so that the temperature of exhaust gases is not too high. As a result, more heat is transferred to the heat carrier, making the boiler more efficient.

In this case, using a coaxial gas flue is the most appropriate solution. It is designed with tubes of different diameters inserted into each other. Due to forced feed of air from forced draft burners into the fuel, it is preferable to use forced draft burners designed for multi-fuel application, to make sure that the burner can run on several fuels, for example, gas, diesel fuel, gasoline and so on.

Benefits of forced draft burners:

  • Fuel mixture and combustion are completely controlled by the operator.
  • Boiler power can be also adjusted.
  • Fuel consumption is significantly less.
  • Efficiency is higher than with atmospheric burners.
  • Forced-draft burners can be also installed in houses and apartments without a gas flue.
  • The burner does not need to be re-adjusted for other fuel types.

As always, a multitude of positive features is accompanied by a few downsides:

  • This burner is quite expensive.
  • Its operation relies on electricity. If there is no power supply, gas is automatically shut off.
  • Burner service and maintenance can be only performed by qualified personnel.